As a non-profit educational organization, we offer educational opportunities for members and non-members through our Schools. We invite you to browse these offerings:

  • Flower Show School– flower design is its own form of art, just like painting and photography. In the four courses of this school, you learn the Principles and Elements of Design, learning in increments from simple to more advanced design techniques, Horticulture subjects in detail, and progress toward becoming an Accredited Flower Show Judge.
  • Landscape Design School,– learn how to fashion a design for a piece of land, like your garden, a playground, etc.
  • Gardening Study– a wonderful way to learn the details and nuances of plants with like-minded people. This course focuses on the intricacies of bark identification, leaf identification, and of course, flowers.
  • Environmental Study– this is for members that are interested in the natural world, the interrelation of natural things, and sustainability practices.